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Reiki Therapy
An invitation to wellness.
 Usui Reiki (Rey-Key) is a Japanese deep relaxation technique that is subtle
with reaching eff
ects for your body, mind & spirit.

 Some of the benefits of Reiki Therapy that you may experience are:
Deep Relaxation
Stress Relief 
Pain Relief 
Improved Clarity & Focus

A Sense of Calm & Peace 
Feel Rejuvenated
Rested & More.

What to expect:
Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on touch therapy. You will remain clothed. Painful, sensitive and private parts of the body will not be touched. Many people experience a sensation of warmth and relaxation during treatment. Every person's experience differs. You will have the most positive experience when you come to your Reiki Session with an open and receptive mind. 

Restore & Maintain 
your equanimity & well-being.
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